Farmers are cornerstone of the development of the palm industry, and without them, we at Hasad would never have high quality dates.
One of the most important and crucial priorities of Hasad is supporting the farmers and caring about their needs because farmers are the engine that drives our industry and their performance affects our overall achievements. For that reason, since Hasad’s establishment, we have made it our mission to stand by farmers, support them, guide them, and provide them with all opportunities, services, and facilities to help them do their best.

Our farmers are equipped with all the knowledge, technology, and support they need to nurture high-quality crops. In addition, the efficient harvest processing system that adheres to global standards makes our farmers’ work easier yet more professional.

We believe that farmers are the backbone of Hasad; the incredible success of the economic sector is due to the successful farmers who provide high quality dates. This reflected the uniqueness of the global position of Palestine, our farmers are our roots that hold us and let us stand strong.

At Hasad, one of our main goals is to develop the dates’ industry as much as possible while keeping farmers engaged and motivated, so Hasad serves a network of farmers across Palestine.