Organic Dates Farm

95 Hectares farm area , 12350 Palm trees

Hasad owns and manages 12350 Palm trees farmed in an area of 95 hectares. Our Organic Dates Farm in Jericho is the largest farm in Palestine, the product of a long, exciting journey and hard toil. Our expansive farm has an area of 15 hectares and has over 1950 date palm trees flourishing thanks to organic cultivation practices.

Hasad also works closely in partnership with local farmers who supply their Medjool dates crops to it. These farmers work under the supervision of Hasad, which means that Hasad covers 95 hectares of palm trees with a yearly production of more than 3,000 tons.

Dates Factory

Our Dates Factory in Jeftlick was established in 2010 for dates’ production. The factory has a production capacity of 1,000 tons per year and a storage capacity of 850 tons. The dates are processed in accordance with the international standards and quality system and HACCP , Global G.A.P , Halal FSSC2200 .

This factory is the cornerstone of our success and progress; we do our best to produce high quality premium dates. Hasad combines quality and quantity by providing a variety of mouthwatering delicious dates. Inspection and reviews carried out by specialized agencies. Such certifications highlight the great work produced by our farm and the high quality of our dates. .

Dates Paste Factory

Hasad has a very advanced date paste factory in Tubas. It is a fully automated factory and has the production capacity of 200 tons of premium quality date paste per month. Hasad is looking to be the market leader locally as well as exporting date paste to regional markets. Our plan will not stop here; we will continue our progress in delivering top quality products that are made using our date paste product.