Hasad Celebrates Opening The biggest factory in Middle East for Dates processing and packing.

Hasad Celebrated the Opening of it is new factory in Jericho Area / Aljiftlek , with the fastest and biggest machine for processing and packing dates in the Middle East.

His Excellency Minister of Economy Dr. Jihad Alissali , and his excellency Minster of Agriculture Dr. Riyad ALatari and in presence of the governor of Jericho area and many of the business men have celebrated the opening on 23-10-2020 .

The minster ALisali has assured the capabilities of the palestinian business men , and the challenges in light of Corona , and the achivment in deploying such factory at this era.

Minister AL atari , had pinned out the role of the dates agriculture in the Palestinian economy and the importance of dates in our basket of economy in light of the 50% of our export in agriculture are dates.

The governor assured the role of the farmers in those areas , which are adopting all efforts to grow more dates , and the role of Hasad to cop with the exceeding demand for processing and packing dates .

Dr. Abdul Malek Jaber , Co-founder and Owner of the Factory , has described the achievement as a vecotry in light of Corona Virus , and inlighted that the factory is feeding around 150 workers directly , and many more indirectly. The Factory is capable of producing 4Tons per hour .